Astraware Casino is as fair as we can make it - it uses a random number generator behind the scenes so that whenever dice are rolled, the slots our roulette wheels are spun, horses started, or decks of cards shuffled, it is as random as possible. We certainly don't fix the games to 'cheat' the player (which would be quite a bit harder to do!). 

The AI players in the Poker games all play fairly too - they are only able to look at their own hands and have to make their own judgements based on how each of the other players has bet so far. 

In another respect though, the Astraware Casino is not realistic - most of the games have adjusted odds that unlike a real casino, are actually better for the player than for the house. For each of the games the odds (what multiple you get back after betting and winning) is higher than you would normally see.  The AI players are very unsophisticated at lower levels. They are easy to bluff, and are likely to overestimate their own hand strength.   At higher levels they are better, but still no match for a professional (or talented amateur!)

This is deliberate in that we want our player to enjoy the risk - but on average, enjoy winning, and keep on coming back to play!

You can certainly learn how to play the games in the Astraware Casino, but don't assume that you can take your skills straight to a real casino and win just as much - you're likely to be disappointed if you do!