Codewords is a game of vocabulary and intelligence, combined with some guesswork and just a sprinkle of luck!

Each puzzle has just a few letters already worked out, and you need to work out which letter corresponds to each number on the grid.

Every time you see the same number on the grid, that's going to be the same letter. For instance, in one puzzle the letter T might be number 15, so you know that any 15 on the grid can be replaced by a T.

Each puzzle has a different order for the letters, and each puzzle has different beginning letters available too.  

The only thing you know for certain is that every letter in the alphabet is going to be used at least once in the puzzle!

Tap a space on the grid and then choose a letter you think may go there - don't worry, you can undo it easily later!  Try a few more letters and see if it looks like any familiar words will appear. 

You can tap on any of the letters in the 'cipher' block at the bottom and it will fill in all of the occurrences of that letter in the puzzle - really helpful for trying out combinations quickly. If you prefer, you can set the switch to 'auto' to do this automatically for every letter you enter.

At any time you can tap 'hint' and it will tell you how many mistakes you currently have - that means a letter in the wrong place in the cipher. If that's "0" then you have no mistakes at all!   Each use of the hint adds a small time penalty to your score, so use it sparingly if you want to have the very best time possible at the end of the puzzle.

Note that our Codewords puzzles may contain plurals, and occasionally proper nouns (names, places - but only well known ones!)

Once you've finished, and you have all of the words filled in, congratulations! You've cracked the codeword!

If it's one of our daily puzzles, submit your time and see how you compare against other players for the same puzzle, and see if you can improve your time tomorrow!