The words used in a codewords puzzle will certainly (when added together) contain all of the letters of the alphabet, but they might be relatively unusual words, so you here are some tricks and tips on ways to get ahead in CodeWords!


Not all of the letters will appear in a puzzle as often!  Some letters appear far more often, and others are rarer - but remember that every letter will appear at least once!

The most common letters used in English can be remembered with the short nonsense phrase "ETAOIN SHRDLU" which gives in order the most common 12 letters. 

Tap on the unknown letters from the cipher grid, and see which cells in the puzzle light up - the ones which light up the most are almost certainly within that phrase!


Some letters are commonly doubled ( BB EE LL MM NN OO PP RR SS TT ), and some are very rarely seen doubled ( HH II JJ KK QQ VV WW XX YY ZZ )

Letter pairs

Certain letter pairs (known as digrams) are more common than others;  It's rare to see a Q without a U.  Look for TH, SH, CH as common pairings 

Word Endings

If you can identify a word ending that will always help, and there's a good chance you'll spot it more than once in a puzzle.

Look for ED, ER, ERS, ING, LY, IST

Rare letters

For some of the more unusual letters (Q,Z,X) you are likely to only find them once in the whole puzzle - and they are also somewhat more likely to be in one of the 'gaps' which isn't shared by another word. 

We hope this helps you to solve more CodeWords - if you have any other methods you like to use and think we should share, let us know!