The games in Astraware Casino are either Table games (like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette) or Machine games (like Video Poker, Derby, Slots).

In the Machine games, you select how much you want to bet, and usually press a single button to start each game.

For the Table games, you will be playing with chips, which means you will drag-and-drop the amount you want to stake into the place on the table corresponding to your bet.  You can drag from the 'max' pile of chips to place the maximum bet all at one time.   If you just tap on the chip pile it will automatically move that amount over into the bet area.

Once you play each game, if you win, the winnings are moved back into your pile and you can continue to play again!  Some games have an option to repeat the last bet - this can save you time if you like to play the same bets every time.

Your wallet can hold a maximum of $10 million in chips (any more than that and your arms would be full!) - if you win any more than this, the excess is stored in your bank, up to a maximum of many many millions! 

If you have run out of virtual money, you can find an option at the bottom of the bank screen to reset your balance again and you'll be able to start with a fresh $1000 to play with. Perhaps you'll use this to win big this time round?

As you play each of the games, and perhaps win or lose certain types of bet, you will earn souvenirs which you can see within your suitcase. Collecting the whole set will take quite some time!