Your word power is a number that represents the fantastic words you've made, used, or seen while playing Word Games recently!

The game calculates a score for each word, and adds these together, with a multiplier for words you've used within your active vocabulary within the last day or week.

Longer words get you more points

Words with more unusual letters get you more points

Words that are very uncommon score extra

Words that you entered yourself (rather than just finding from a list) get you more points

Your score won't go down unless you leave the game for a while, in which case words that you haven't used in a few weeks will have their contribution reduced and eventually fall off the 'end' of the list.  

The best way to make your score as high as possible is to play each of the games each day, spend more time with Hexxed and Gridlock (where you get to enter your own words), and try to make interesting and unusual words, especially including those tricky letters!  Try for longer words is you can!

Remember to sign in with Facebook so you can see how you score compares with any friends who are playing too, but beware that friends don't always like being overtaken!

Good luck :)