The Aim

The aim of Number Cross is to fill in the whole grid using the list of numbers provided. Some will only fit in one place, some numbers could fit in several places, so it’s up to you to figure out which combinations will work and which won’t!

How to Play

Your game screen has two areas - the grid you have to fill, and the list of numbers remaining to put in place.


The word list is organised by the length of the numbers, so if you’re looking for a numbers to fill a particular gap, you can find it quickly. You can scroll through the list by dragging it right or left.

To place a number, simply drag it up from the number list, and over the gap on the grid. Once you’re near a fitting gap it will snap into place, and when you let go it will settle there.  If you decide that placement isn’t right, just drag it off again and drop it back on the number list.


If you drag a number over a space that’s already occupied, the number you’re holding will knock out the earlier one and it’ll go back to the list for you to put somewhere else.  


Sometimes you might drag a number over a place that crosses with another one. If the two fit perfectly (they cross with the same digit), perfect! That’s how you build the whole grid.  If they clash, you’ll see the number underneath turn red, and make a warning sound if you have sounds switched on.  If you drop your number now, it will click into place, but any existing numbers that would clash will be knocked back to the word list!  There are no penalties for doing this, so it’s also often the fastest way to try out combinations and work out what will fit.


If you’re stuck you can ask for a hint - this will reveal a single digit in the grid which might be enough to help you find a number to fit.  Using a hint adds a small time penalty, so use this as a last option if you’re playing one of the timed Daily or Weekender puzzles!

Puzzle Types

Easy puzzles start with a clue number already fixed in place for you, which you can use straight away to build from.  


Medium puzzles are a bit trickier - but there’s often at least one number in the list that only has one grid space that’s just the right size.  Find this and you’re off to a good start!


Hard puzzles don’t start with any obvious clues. You’ll have to look through the places where numbers cross and see if that might limit the pairs of numbers that could be placed there.  Sometimes you might have to do this more than once in the trickier puzzles!


Daily and Weekender Puzzles

These puzzles are regular puzzles that you can collect and play - you will need to have a network connection (WiFi or cellular data) to be able to get them.  All players worldwide play the same puzzle each day, and once complete, can submit their time and see how they ranked!


The 1st Daily puzzles are on a 11x11 grid, plenty to do, but still nice and fast to complete. The extra Daily puzzles are usually a little bit more difficult than the first, and in a range of sizes.


A new Weekender huge 15x15 puzzle is available each Friday and is more of a challenge!


When you’ve completed a Daily or Weekender it will ask you if you want to submit your time. There is a small time penalty for each hint you’ve used or for any numbers you didn’t complete. To get the best time possible, try to complete the whole puzzle without using any hints!