Each of our SAT editions contains puzzles with a range of the SAT vocabulary words.

Every puzzle has a wordsearch with words to find. Whenever you find a word, the definition for it will pop-up at the bottom of the screen. You can also tap on any of the words in the word list to see the definition too.

Seeing the words repeatedly, and associating the definition, is one of the best ways to gain familiarity with both the spelling and the meaning of each of the words. While our SAT edition Wordsearch puzzles are just an assistance with the first levels of familiarity with these words, with repeated use they will become available within your vocabulary.  The best way to fully integrate these words is to then find opportunities to use them in speech, essays, prose, and any possible creative outlet!

Each edition has a different mix of puzzles.

We recommend the best first step for less confident students is to use the Top 100 SAT Vocabulary words puzzles, and then when these are feeling very familiar, to choose a different pack to widen the vocabulary further.

For more confident students, the Trickiest Vocabulary words are a collection of the words which cause students the most difficulty in tests. 

Finally, for the most well-read students, the SAT Most Unusual words are a collection of puzzles containing the weirdest and rarest words that may be included. You'll be certain to come across words in there that you haven't seen before - and each one has a definition attached too!