Latest Version Information

Here's our list of what's changing from version to version!  We're including the release notes for what'll be in the next version too, so you can see what we've fixed and what we're working on.  We try to submit versions for all the different devices at about the same time, but it sometimes takes one of them a bit longer to approve and make live. 

If you'd like to help test any upcoming version - please get in touch with a message. We're always pleased to have people on board helping to check new releases, and you certainly don't have to be a high-tech person to help!

Version 2.23  ( May 2018 )

  • Added TapResearch back with surveys for additional stamps
  • Improvement to the built-in support system and FAQs
  • Fixed medal display on title screen (didn't always update to the right medal!)
  • Many performance tweaks and minor fixes

Version 2.22  ( April 2018 )

  • Update to switch to new In-App support system ( "FreshChat" ) 
  • New medal animations after you complete a game - makes it easier to see which puzzle you just completed and how many you have left to do!
  • Tech updates for improved surveys available for more users
  • Added extra puzzle servers around the world, so if the game can't reach one of them, it will try the next! This should help to make sure you can always collect the daily puzzles (as long as you have an internet connection!)

Version 2.20 minor updates .001 .007 ( January 2018 )

  • Improved video availability
  • Videos available in more countries, and limit on videos per day increased
  • Improved animation smoothness (especially while scrolling or dragging)
  • Various stability fixes and improvements
  • Stamps button now glows to show that there are daily tokens to collect, button made easier to tap
  • New welcome page simplified for new users for an easier introduction to the game
  • Many stability fixes and minor tweaks

Version 2.20 (December 2017)

  • Update adds two more daily puzzle - four daily puzzles to play each day!
  • Easier title screen layout with bigger buttons to make it easier to select the puzzle you want, tabs to check back on any previous days.
  • "The Plus" - a new subscriber-exclusive puzzle with its own high score chart.
  • New extra daily and weekly stamps to collect - just tap on them on the Earn Stamps page!
  • Puzzle streams are renamed (simply) to Free Puzzles
  • Feature added to show when there's an update available (green for small updates, amber for feature updates and red for urgent!)

Version 2.19.7 (Nov 2017)

  • Word wrapping added for particularly long clues! 
  • New Survey Provider added - TheoremReach
  • Improved graphics engine means more efficient drawing and updating, so lower battery requirements
  • Added in new Video suppliers, which should mean more availability of videos to earn stamps in advance!

Version 2.19.1 (Oct 2017)

  • Improved iPhone X support (makes use of the extra space to show time etc.) - Menu bar moved to the top on this layout.
  • Increased payouts on Pollfish surveys for all players

Version 2.18 (July 2017)

  • Puzzles Plus Subscription added!
    • Subscriptions allow full access to daily, weekender and stream puzzles without ads or requiring tokens!
    • Subscribers get to choose a badge for submitting to high score chart
    • Previous purchasers of the ad-free option are automatically upgraded to have all the Puzzles Plus features.
  • Game now keeps screen active while playing in a puzzle, but allows the screen to time-out if anywhere else in the app (including on the 'paused' screen)
  • New option added to choose to take part in the high score tables or not, and the game now remembers the name you chose (you can edit this at any time!)

Version 2.17.7 (May 2017)

  • Improvement to the way the game connects to the Astraware Puzzle server to get the new daily and weekender puzzles. Should now be much less likely to be unavailable, so you don't have to wait to get your puzzles!
  • Android version improvements to advertising system - ads will now take less storage and will get automatically cleared after a while to avoid the storage size of the app building up.

Version 2.17.4 (April 2017)

  • iOS and Android versions : Update to advertising system should mean that the adverts in the game are more appropriate to our audience!
  • Improvement to graphics system; game will be a bit snappier but also will reduce the battery impact when playing for extended times.
  • Fix to the FAQ system which was causing a crash.
  • Added more free stamps for all users with a new 'upgrade bonus' which you can collect every time we make an app update. It's our way of saying thank-you for keeping up to date, and downloading the latest version!

Version 2.17 (April 2017)

  • Extra stamps for all players!  Existing users get some extra, and new users now start with an initial bonus set of stamps to give them plenty of daily games to play
  • Users who play for free now have stamps to use to play the daily puzzles ad-free
  • Separated the 'stamps' page from the 'streams' page, though you can get between them!
  • Added the ability to go to the Stamps page by tapping the stamps in the top-right corner of the title screen
  • Highlights (green/yellow/red) added to the stamps to help you see when you're running low
  • Various forms and pages tweaked for a more consistent style
  • Option added (in the options page) to switch off the stamp usage for daily games - for players who just prefer to get an ad at the end of each game like in previous versions.
  • Additional Puzzle Stream added
  • More puzzles added to all the different streams!
  • More games list now shows a list of other Astraware games to try! 

Version 2.16.3 (March 2017)

  • Fix for a problem where reward stamps (from surveys) could be lost if you quickly exited the streams page.
  • Android version can now correctly be moved to SD storage

Version 2.16.1 (February 2017)

  • Fix for a bug where stamps could still be deducted for daily games, even if the "ad-free" daily had been purchased.
  • Increased the total number of stamps that someone can gain, and surveys can now be completed even if the player has over 1000 stamps available

Version 2.16 (February 2017)

  • Added Surveys as an option to be able to earn lots of additional stamps (perfect for anyone who prefers a quieter option!)
  • Fixed a problem where tapping the 'back' button at the end of a daily game could cause it to freeze
  • Fixed text layouts for various items on the 'streams' page, on some devices some items could wrap onto the next line and overlay other items.
  • Fixed/Checked iOS Music playback should be enabled for players who like to keep their music going in the background
  • Fix for Amazon Store purchases - the update means that Amazon users can restore prior purchases if needed, and also make new purchases again too.

Version 2.10 (January 2017)

  • New Free Puzzle Streams added - never run out of free puzzles!
  • Watch videos in advance, get puzzle tokens (stamps) to play the extra puzzles you choose, when you choose!
  • Stamps can now be used for daily puzzles so you can avoid the ads at the end of those puzzles too!

Version 2.09 (November 2016)

  • Updates to add compatibility with latest devices and OS versions
  • Improvements to the particle effects in the games
  • Switched our in-game support to 'Hotline' which allows to include a better in-game support and FAQ system!

Version 2.07.04  (June 2016)

  • Added new feature to Reshuffle the buttons once you've revealed the target word, which makes for an easier task of solving the remainder of the puzzle
  • Added an option to turn off the reshuffle feature if wanted
  • Fixed a couple of small typos
  • Fixed a problem with returning to the game after a long . . . . . . pause.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes a completed game wouldn't realise it had been completed (it was waiting for one of the letters to finish writing, and didn't notice when it had) - you had to press the 'back' button to complete the game in that circumstance. Now fixed! (We also told the letters to hurry up and finish faster!)

Version 2.07.02  (June 2016)

  • Minor fixes - end of game statistics now don't mention if you used few enough hints that it didn't add to your time.
  • Fixes to the in-app-purchases available, not all were showing up on all platforms
  • High score order display is sometimes out of order until there are at least 20 scores submitted, fix to that!

Version 2.07  (June 2016)

  • First release of Astraware Wordoku!
  • 2 Daily Puzzles, plus built in puzzles
  • New help/settings/about screen to be simpler to use.
  • Launched with a small range of puzzle packs