The Basics

Wordoku is a puzzle to fill the grid with letters, and find a nine letter word hidden somewhere within it.

To fill the grid and reveal the word, you place letters according to the same rules as Sudoku - each letter can appear just once in any row, column, or 3x3 box.

The game is always solvable using logic alone - there's always a square you can fill in, but you can ask for a hint at any time to help. 

Tap anywhere in the grid to highlight a cell, and then tap on the letter from the selections at the bottom to fill that letter in. The highlights also show you the row and column too, which is helpful for seeing what is already used.

Hints will try to highlight an area to draw your attention first - this will show you an area where you'll be able to enter a letter. If you ask for another hint it will give you more specific guidance! If you keep asking for a hint, it will eventually fill in the letter for you, explaining what it did, and adding a small time cost.

You can guess and fill in the target word as soon as you think you know what it is. You can ask for a clue for the word - again for a small time penalty!

Once you've completed the grid, you can also tap on the first letter of the target word in the grid and it will copy the word up, so you can finish the puzzle that way.

Spotting the target word early can help you to fill in a line of the grid even more quickly, which helps a great deal with the harder level puzzles!

Extra feature - Hold and Highlight!  

You can press and hold any of the letters in the selection box, and it will highlight everywhere in the grid where that letter appears. If you continue to hold, it will go on to highlight the areas that letter now blocks out - if you see any obvious gaps you may be able to place another letter right away!