The Basics

An acrostic has a set of words reading across, and within that, all down one line, the letters will form another word!

In Astraware Acrostic the target is to find the each of the horizontal 'across' word, and also the vertical 'target' word too.

There's a crossword-style clue for each word, to help you to figure it out.  These might be synonyms, anagrams, descriptions and definitions, and even occasionally something just a bit cryptic!  Sometimes there'll be general knowledge, which could be cultural, based on TV, film or music, using geographic or historical knowledge.

Unlocking the puzzle!

Once you get one of the horizontal words, where it crosses and fills in a letter of the target word, that letter is filled in for the entire puzzle!

The more horizontal words you get, the more assistance it gives you with some of the trickier clues!


When you ask for a hint in Acrostic, it will uncover two of the letters to help to give you a hint without giving away the word. Usually it will try to give you the bookend letters - the ones at the start and end, but if those are already in (and correct) it will work inwards.  It won't ever give you the target letter though - you'll have to find that yourself!

Completing the daily puzzle

Once you've completed the daily puzzle by correctly entering all of the words, you will be prompted to enter your name and then your time will be saved and synched with our server - you'll then be able to see how your time fares against everyone else who has played so far, and you'll get a percentile rating to show you where you've ranked!

There are two new daily puzzles every day. The first one is usually smaller and a little easier, the second is usually a bit larger and of a middle rating.  Once per week there's a fresh Weekender puzzle available which has more of the tougher clues and is typically larger still.