All of our puzzle games now include Anytime Free Puzzle streams

These are available in versions 2.10 and higher of each of the games - you will need to update to get them if you have version 2.09 or earlier! Updates for each of the games are available from January 2017.

Puzzle Streams are a new way of having more puzzles to play without having to make a purchase.  Like the daily puzzles, they're supported by video adverts and surveys, rather than purchases - but you can choose when to watch the videos (at your own convenience!) or take an occasional survey, and then play the puzzles whenever you like.

Each game has a choice of puzzle streams, so you can play the type that fits your preference!  They may each have different costs - but usually less than one video's worth.

To play the new free puzzles, just tap the Free Puzzles icon on the front page of the game, and then you'll see listed the various types of puzzle that are currently available.

Tap the icon for the type of puzzle you'd like to play!

Each game costs a different number of stamps - if you don't have enough available it won't have the arrow next to the stream to show that you can play it.  You'll need to watch another video to get some more stamps and continue playing!

( Nearly ) Endless Puzzles

We're aiming to keep ahead of the players by making enough puzzles that nobody should run out (for long!) - but if your choice of puzzle doesn't have any more available, it will be hidden until we've topped up with some more! Check again in another day or two and we should have more for you - or drop us a message!

We keep on adding more puzzles to each of the streams, so while it's possible for you to exhaust all the ones we have in place, we will usually have topped them up with more within a few days. For most of our streams, we start off with at least a hundred puzzles to begin with, and add more in batches of ten or twenty at a time.

With luck you should never reach the end as we are always trying to keep one step ahead - but if you do run out, just let us know with a message!

Special Event Streams

In some games we have streams which are only available for a short time - keep an eye out for these!