After you've completed a daily game, you will get a scoreboard showing where your time comes compared to all the other players.  ( We have the same score system in all of our new puzzle games - this example is from Crosswords )


High Score Chart


This shows that my time for that puzzle ( 10 minutes, 24.8 seconds ) was at the 56th percentile which means that out of all of the players, I was faster than 56% of them, and slower than 44% of them. 

The percentile grade for the Bronze award is to be at the 25th percentile, which means better than 25% of players.

The percentile grade for the Silver award is to be at the 50th percentile, which means better than 50% of players.

The percentile grade for the Gold award is to be at the 75th percentile, which means better than 75% of players.  If you can manage to get a gold award consistently you'd doing brilliantly!

If you didn't make it into one of the faster time categories this time, you'll get a completed 'check' mark on a blue-metal background. Even by completing the puzzle and submitting your time you did better than any of the players who didn't complete it!

Grades are updated over time

The percentile grades are recalculated as more players submit their times, so you may find that if you submitted a time early in a day when there were just a few hundred times submitted, that when you check back later in the day your percentile may have shifted by a point or two (even though your time didn't change!) - that would be because the people submitting later may be (on average) slightly better or worse players, and so it can shift the averages and percentile boundaries a bit.  

We've found so far that once about 100 people have submitted a time, it's rare for anyone's percentile to change by more than 2% in the course of a day, but if you're close to a boundary you might just find it tips you into another award.

We know that our players range from the competitive (for whom it matters how they scored today) to the relaxed, who don't mind how long it takes as long as they enjoy the puzzle.   In the future we're hoping to add some more statistic features for people who like to track their progress!

Home page medals

Your medal also shows on the home page for the game, where you'll be able to see which of the daily games you've completed so far.