There are two new daily puzzles every day, and you can complete them at any time for up to a week!

These puzzles are regular puzzles that you can collect and play - you will need to have a network connection (WiFi or cellular data) to be able to get them.  All players worldwide play the same puzzle each day, and once complete, can submit their time and see how they ranked!  

The Daily puzzles are designed to be fairly easy, and relatively nice and fast to complete. The second Daily puzzle is usually a little bit more difficult than the first - though this is sometimes a bit subjective and you may just occasionally find the second puzzle easier, and likewise with puzzle 3 and 4.

A new Weekender puzzle is available each Friday and is more of a challenge!  For subscribers, The Plus puzzle is usually the most challenging of all!

When you’ve completed a Daily or Weekender it will ask you if you want to submit your time. There is a small time penalty for each hint you’ve used or for any items you didn’t complete. To get the best time possible, try to complete the whole puzzle without using any hints!