We currently have two ways that you can earn stamps (and we'll add more when we come up with more ideas! )


Lots of companies want to find out what real people think, not just what their marketing department people think! They make short surveys asking various easy questions to work out what would be a good idea, and they like to ask smart people for their opinions. We're able to offer those surveys, and in return they sponsor our puzzles for you to play.

These tend to be fairly quick to do, and often interesting too - we hope you'll enjoy them!  You'll need to complete the survey to get the reward, but you can quit out at any time if you need to. 

There isn't always a survey available every day, so it's best to catch them when there's one available!

The surveys don't identify you individually, but they do ask some 'demographic' questions ( age, gender, education, job status. etc.) - this allows them to select surveys which are appropriate to you.  The more information you provide, the more likely it is that more surveys will be available for you in the future, but there's always an option for 'rather not say' for anything you don't wish to answer.  The surveys with the highest rewards tend to be ones where you are the best possible match for who the researcher is hoping to ask.

The survey stamps are awarded after you come back into the game - but it might take a little while for them to be received (usually less than 5 seconds, but might be as much as 10 seconds) - it's best to wait for them to be received before moving to a different page (or quitting the game) as that can mean you risk not getting them!

This feature is being added to our puzzle games from version 2.11 onwards.


Other app developers sponsor our puzzles by showing adverts for their products, often apps, and often games.  They're happy for you to see their video, and we're happy because it makes another way to support us in keeping the puzzles coming for you!  If it's an advert for something you like the look of, then tapping to view it in the app store means you can take more of a look at it.  We do get a small bonus (yay!) if it turns out that it's something you like enough to install and use.   We ask the suppliers to send ads that are for things appropriate to each of our games - it's in their best interest too! 

Problems Receiving Rewards

We sometimes get reports that some of the videos or surveys are not giving the stamps reward, usually this is for one of two reasons:

- The video or survey was exited before it was completed, perhaps by exiting the app itself, or just by closing that item.

- If you have "Limit Ad Tracking" switched on in your device settings, it can sometimes prevent the survey or video provider linking it back so they can give you the reward. 

If you have fully completed a video or survey, and you don't have the "Limit Ad Tracking" switched on, please get in contact and let us know, and we'll do our best to help!