How can I help to support Astraware?

If you like what we do, then we really appreciate your support in various ways!

Download and install

The main way is just by downloading and playing our games - and you already have (thanks!)

The more people download each of our games, the more exposure they get, and this helps us by appearing higher in charts and in searches.

If you play our games daily, then this helps too as the App stores like to promote the games that have active players (rather than products that are installed and forgotten.)

Enjoy the Daily Games (and sit through an ad at the end )

If you play our daily games and see an advert, then that helps to pay our costs to keep the servers running and supplying out the puzzles to everyone, collating the high scores, and (not least) allowing us to keep on working on creating new puzzles to keep the daily-puzzle hopper filled!  Each advert view isn't much but they add up with lots of players playing them.  If you happen to see something you like (it does happen occasionally!) we get acknowledged for that too, but don't go installing everything you see on our behalf - just the things you're actually interested in!  

The best adverts are actually quite entertaining (we like those too!) but if you didn't like it, just hit the 'X' (usually in one of the top corners) after the ad has finished to dismiss it.

Try some of our other games

We have a 'More Games' button on the title screen which brings up our list of current games on our website. Take a look and download any that interest you! Most of our recent daily games are free downloads.

Watch Videos and Complete Surveys

Where we have them available, videos and short surveys are enough to sponsor lots of puzzles - these are great because you can come back to them daily and see something (hopefully) new!

Purchase packs or the ad-free daily games option

We try to provide a reasonable number of puzzles with the game to begin with for free, and with the extra daily and weekender games that's as much as many of our players ever need. However, if you like the games and want to be able to play more at any time, buying a pack (or two! or three!) will give you lots of puzzles and support us directly too.

The Ad-Free Daily Games option is also great for us (even though the advertisers aren't so happy!) - enough people supporting us in this way keeps us able to provide daily puzzles for years to come.  Plus you get to avoid 15 seconds of a jingley advert after each game!

Tell your friends

Let your friends and family know what games you like playing. Show them which of our games have become part of your daily routine, and let them know how you feel about them. ( Does it keep your mind sharp? Do you like the sense of accomplishment each day? Do you like getting a high score in the leaderboard? )

If they try the game too they might appreciate it, and we will too!

We're hoping to add features so that you can compare times and accomplishments with your friends, check back for that soon!

Follow Astraware on Facebook

We're on Facebook where we tend to announce what we're working on, as well as updates to existing games. We'd love you to follow us if you like the things we do!

Leave a review

If you've really enjoyed the game, please consider leaving a review on the App Store for it! A genuine review makes a world of difference to us, and anyone looking at the game considering it.

If you can leave us a top-star rating that's the best of all!

If you don't think we deserve that top-star rating - tell us first using the 'contact' option. What can we do to make the game better for you? What feature are we missing, etc. We thrive on feedback!

Thanks very much for reading, we know it's a lot of text, we very much appreciate your support in any of the above ways!

Howard & David at Astraware