Astraware is a company consisting of a pair of techie guys - Howard and David - working from an office in the middle of the UK.

David is the technical wizard who does most of the incredible app programming, and the majority of the graphical design that you see in the games.

Howard is the puzzle designer and creator, responsible most of the content that goes into the games, as well as handling most of the customer support and business things too.

Together we've been making games under the name of Astraware since around the year 2000, but we've been working on various computer projects going back into the 1980s. We've made all kinds of games for all kinds of devices in that time, but now we're best known for our puzzle games such as Crosswords, Wordsearch, Sudoku, Codewords and many more!

We have had a team of wonderful people at various times working with us doing all the specialised tasks that might happen in a games studio, but nowadays it's just two of us here, making new games and supporting the existing ones.

David & Howard
Astraware : David (left) and Howard (right)

If you happen to send us a message to say what you like about this game (or any of our other games!) it'll make us both particularly happy - we usually share those messages over a nice cup of tea :)