When the game starts, it connects to our central puzzle server, and requests all of the daily puzzles available for you.

If there's a problem getting these puzzles, it will show an X in the space for each puzzle where it isn't yet available.

The next time it is able to successfully connect, those will switch to the usual 1, 2 and Weekender icons.

Connection Problems

The main reason the game would be unable to connect is that you don't currently have an active data connection. This normally means you've gone outside the range of your WiFi, or perhaps you're in a poor reception area for data. 

Check to see if you can reach a web page on your device - if you can, then the problem is further along the chain!

If the game can't connect to our server, then it will put up a short message at the top of the 'help' page from the title screen. 

It can sometimes be worth rebooting your WiFi router you can't reach the internet.

Usually any problem with retrieving the games will be solved by trying again a little later, but if you get a connection problem persistently, please get in touch!