Although we develop our games with care, and test them well before we release them, there are still sometimes bugs that might happen in our games! 

The ones that slip by us tend to be situations that haven't come up - submitting a score at the turn of midnight while on an international flight crossing the date line (yes, we had this one!) - or more commonly trying on a brand new device we haven't come across yet.

If you spot anything you think isn't correct, we really appreciate it if you can let us know!

The best way to contact us is using the built-in support system in the game. As well as your message, it will automatically include some key details (what kind of device and operating system you have, what version of the game it is, etc.) which saves lots of time for us both!

If there's a problem doing this, then an email to will come through to us just the same. Remember to include information including

  • What model of device you have
  • What version of the game you have
  • Which game it is! (We have lots, so it isn't always obvious!)
  • A description of the problem you're seeing
  • The Unique ID (looks like 'A123-456-789') from the About+Help page within the game

Sometimes it helps to include a picture - it's really useful if you can attach a screenshot of the problem if you think that will help to explain it! You can attach pictures either to messages via our support system, or to an email. We'll get it just the same.

Thanks for your assistance - we really appreciate it (after all, it allows us to fix the problem which is better for everyone!)