Many of our games have been improved over the years because of great suggestions that have been sent in by our players!

If you have a suggestion or request about this game, please let us know!  Please include the word 'suggestion' in your message as that helps us to spot it a bit more easily.

We can't promise that every possible suggestion gets included - but we do take them all seriously and we will usually reply with our thoughts! 

We also are happy to take suggestions of other types of games or puzzles that you like. If we get enough requests for a particular game, there's a good chance we'll add it to our list to develop in the future!

We have a friendly Beta Testing group who look at our new games before they're released, and also try out our updates (with new features) - we run this mostly through a Facebook group - please contact us if you're interested in joining this! It's a no-obligation group and people just help out with the games that interest them. We welcome active and friendly people who just happen to like our games, without any requirement to be particularly techy!