We do our best to respond to all support that comes in within about a day.

There are actually just two of us at Astraware, and some people are surprised to hear that sometimes we need to sleep or otherwise leave the computers! Even when we're at the computers we're usually working on a new game, an upgrade or update to an existing game, or making the new puzzles ready to upload to the daily puzzle server!

We tend to check the support system 2-3 times per day during weekdays, and typically once per day at the weekends. This usually means that any message that comes through will be seen and responded to within about 24 hours, although often quite a bit less.

If you haven't heard from us within 48 hours ( in case one of us is away for a while and the other is taking a day off, it happens - albeit rarely! ) then do send a follow-up message.  

If you send a message by email, there's a fair chance you're not seeing our replies perhaps because your email system is blocking us. ( Our emails will usually come from support@astraware.com, perhaps via freshdesk.com which is the system we use for support. )

If we send a reply back to your app (because you've sent us a message from within the game) then you'll need to check back for that the next time you run the game. It should show up that there are messages waiting with a little number in the speech bubble.   It's OK, we understand that you might not be playing our games 24/7 so if we ask any followup question we don't mind waiting for a day or so to get a reply back from you  ;)