Puzzles Plus is a new option for our puzzle games in 2017.

It is a subscription which gives

  • All daily and weekender puzzles ad-free
  • As many stream puzzles as you want to play, all ad-free - no tokens required!
  • Your choice of subscriber badge which you can show on the high score table
  • Access to The Plus - an exclusive subscriber-only

The subscription is available in three choices; Monthly, Quarterly (every 3 months) and Yearly. Longer subscriptions work out to the best value, with a yearly subscription representing a saving of over 50% on the monthly price!

Subscriptions are the best possible way to support Astraware if you love our puzzles and play them every day!

Full Terms

Free Trial

The subscriptions all have a free trial period of seven days during which you can check if you like the features. If you choose to cancel during the free trial, you won't be charged at all. If you don't cancel, your Google Play Account will be billed for the subscription at the end of the free trial. The free trial forms part of your first subscription period.  The free trial can only be used once, so if you confirm the purchase of a subscription before the free trial is complete, any unused portion of the free trial will be lost.

Automatic Renewal

The subscriptions are automatically renewing, and your Google Play Account will be charged again at the end of your current subscription period. Your subscription will renew again unless you turn this off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. 


You can manage your subscription at any time by going to your Account Settings within the Settings App, or by selecting the 'Change or cancel your subscription' button at the bottom of the Puzzles Plus page. You will be able to change to a different subscription renewal period, which will usually have a different price, or to cancel your subscription entirely.


The subscriptions automatically renew, but you can cancel at any time up until the next renewal date, and your subscription will finish on that date and not renew again.  To cancel, choose the 'Change or cancel your subscription' button at the bottom of the Puzzles Plus page. Your subscription will still be available for the remainder of that period and refunds are not available for unused fractions.

If you cancel the renewal you will still have access to the Puzzles Plus features until the full subscription period is complete.


If you allow the subscription to renew, your account will be billed within the 24 hours before the start of the next subscription period. The cost of renewal will be the same for each subscription period, but if there is ever a change in the price, you will be asked whether you wish to continue at the new price, and if you don't choose to do so, your subscription will not renew.