This is something we are hoping to do in the future, by including an optional pack of puzzles for purchase which are appropriate for children.

We've found that creating a large enough number of puzzles to make a standalone game just for children is quite tricky, as we have to go through all of our clues and answers and make sure that they are reasonably age appropriate, but we think we can find a way to get a reasonable number together without repeating too many of the clues and answers!

In the meantime, we suggest to children playing the puzzles that you should be allowed to use as many hints as they like for clues that you don't know, but a good trick is to use hints to reveal about half of the letters and then see if you can guess the rest of the word.  Then look back at the clue and you'll know another answer!  You can tell your parents that this is "educational" and they will be more likely to let you keep playing!

We also suggest that some of our other games are perfect for children - WordSearch and Kriss Kross are ideal for younger children who are already readers (6-11) and Codewords and A-to-Z for slightly older children who have a good vocabulary ( 11+ ).