A to Z is easy to play - just find the right place in the word grid for each of the letters A to Z.

Drag the letters from the palette at the bottom of the screen, and drop them over the gap you want to fill.

If there's already a letter in place there, you'll need to hover for just a second to pop the existing one out.

Some letters could be used in more than one place to form a valid word - you'll sometimes have to narrow down the possibilities by completing other words first.

The game is complete when you've successfully placed each letter into the right place, and every word on the board is correct and valid.

The Check button will tell you if any of your existing placements are incorrect - the tiles in the wrong places will switch to red until you move them next. Any letters which it confirms are in the right place will switch to a green shade and are locked in place so you can't accidentally move them again.

The Hint button will help you by placing a letter - and it will try to replace any incorrect letters you've already put in, if it can. 

Checks and Hints cost a small time penalty per use - so for the highest daily score times you'll want to avoid using them until you're really stuck!