Here's our list of what's changing from version to version!  We're including the release notes for what'll be in the next version too, so you can see what we've fixed and what we're working on.  We try to submit Google, Apple and Amazon versions at about the same time, but it sometimes takes one of them a bit longer to approve and make live. 

If you'd like to help test any upcoming version - please get in touch with a message. We're always pleased to have people on board helping to check new releases, and you certainly don't have to be a high-tech person to help!

Version 2.23  ( May 2018 )

  • Added TapResearch back with surveys for additional stamps
  • Improvement to the built-in support system and FAQs
  • Fixed medal display on title screen (didn't always update to the right medal!)
  • Many performance tweaks and minor fixes

Version 2.22 (April 2018)

  • Update to switch to new In-App support system ( "FreshChat" ) 
  • Fix for a problem where subscriptions didn't work correctly for new purchasers
  • New medal animations after you complete a game - makes it easier to see which puzzle you just completed and how many you have left to do!
  • Tech updates for improved surveys available for more users
  • Added extra puzzle servers around the world, so if the game can't reach one of them, it will try the next! This should help to make sure you can always collect the daily puzzles (as long as you have an internet connection!)

Version 2.21.002 (March 2018)

  • Fix for iOS to prevent the system requesting the store login every time.

Version 2.20 (March 2018)

  • First release of Astraware A-to-Z to all platforms
  • Initial Deluxe Pack and Fun-size Pack of puzzles available
  • All online high score boards available for players