Here are some tips that will help you to play Astraware Acrostic!

Questions & Answers

Each question (clue) will lead you to the answer in the grid for that number. The clues might be one of several types so it's worth understanding what kinds of clues there might be. (There's a separate FAQ article for this!)

Acrostic Hints

The in game Magic Reveal system is designed to help you to find the later answers more easily. Each time you get a word right, the 'crossing' letter (that crosses the target word) gets revealed throughout the rest of the puzzle. This will often give you assistance with other clues, especially as you reveal more letters.

Instead of working through the puzzle in the order of clues 1,2,3... etc, it can sometimes be better to skip straight to the answers which are easiest, as these will reveal extra letters to help you with the tough clues.

Target the target word!

If you can figure out the target word before completing all of the other clues, you can enter it - and then you'll get the benefit of all of the magic reveals at once!

We've found that getting the first and last letter of a word (the 'bookends' as we call them) really help, so if you can't guess the target word straight away, try to get the first and last of the across words, then you'll have the bookends for the target too!

Getting the best times

If you're aiming to submit a time for a daily puzzle, it's better to only use hints when you absolutely need them! Each hint adds a time penalty of 30 seconds. If you think that particular clue is going to take you more than 30 seconds to figure out, then asking for that hint quickly might be a good trade-off!