To play any of the 12 built-in games, just tap on the icon and name for it from the title screen!

Before taking you into the game, it'll give you the choice to just hit 'Play' and go straight in, or choose the rules and level of difficulty you'd like.  Each game has its own settings, but we've tried to make sure there's an easy, classic, and expert set of rules for each!

We suggest starting at the easy or classic setting for each!

Once you hit Play, it will deal out the game ready for you to play.  Just tap the card you want to move, or drag it to the location you want to move it to, and the game will do the best to help you out, moving cards automatically for you and turning over any new reveals.

At any time you can tap the Home button to go back, the hint button to sparkle what the game thinks might be a useful move to consider, the undo (and redo) buttons to go back a step, and the option to resign if you think this deal isn't going too well and you'd rather play another game!

Each of the games has its own set of options (rules) that are specific to that game, and then there are overall options to cover all of the games (things like visual effects).

As you play more of the games you'll be awarded with individual cards from the Golden Reward Deck - collect all of the cards from this deck as a way to measure your progress, and when you've completed the full deck you can choose to play with it too!