Some of the game options (to do with highlighting, mirrored table layout, and graphical choices) are in the Global Game Settings screen, which you access straight from the title screen:


There are options there for choosing different Backgrounds, Card Backs, and various Card Front styles, and this choice is applied throughout all of your games.

There's an option to choose between two different sound sets - try both out and see which you prefer!

You may need to scroll the page down a little to see the last few options - here's a better view:

One Touch Control allows you to play the whole game with single taps. You can still tap-and-drag to a particular location, but most of the time the game will move the card to the right location.

Auto Flip Cards means that any newly exposed face-down cards will get flipped up straight away.

Keep Screen Awake prevents the screen from timing out (and going dark or switching off) if you are taking your time thinking. Do be aware that this can cause battery drain if you put the device down!

Use dark font in game gives the choice of a darker font for better readability - this is just for the writing which is used in some games (calculation, for instance) to show numbers and counts. If you've chosen a light background, then a dark font will contrast and be easier to read.

Mirror table layout lets you flip the game which will usually make it better for left-handed players.

Card Movement gives you a choice of how quickly you'd like the cards to move!