The aim of Sultan's Harem is to surround the King of Hearts (the Sultan) with his 8 Queens (the Harem) by building up the 8 outer foundations.

Sultan's Harem is a game played with 2 decks. The starting layout has the 8 Kings and the Ace of Hearts arranged in a square with the King of Hearts in the center position and the Ace above him. These are the foundation piles. There are 4 piles on either side of the foundation square which are the reserves, each starts with 1 card. The remaining cards are placed face-down to form the stock which can be dealt onto the adjacent waste pile.

The top card of the waste pile and the 8 reserve cards are available to play. You need to build the 8 outer foundations up in rank according to suit (unless you have changed the rules), with Ace going on King. You can't build on the center King because he's the Sultan. Empty reserve piles are automatically filled from the top of the waste pile (or the top of the stock if the waste is empty) unless you have turned off the auto-filling of empty reserves. Once you have been through the stock you can turn it over and start again. You can deal the cards from the stock to the waste pile 1, 3 or an unlimited number of times.

Sultan's Harem is won when you have successfully built all the foundations up to leave the King of Hearts surrounded by his 8 Queens. If you run out of moves before winning, the game is over.