To remove all cards except the 4 Aces.

The game starts with 4 cards dealt to the top row, forming the tableau. The remaining cards are placed face-down to form the stock. Discarded cards are placed onto the waste pile beneath the stock.

Only the top card of each pile is free to play. When you find 2 cards of the same suit you can remove the lower-ranking card. Aces are the highest ranking card in this game. Spaces can be filled with any card. Once all possible cards have been removed, select the stock to deal another row to the tableau. Another row may only be dealt if all 4 piles contain at least 1 card (unless you have less than 4 cards!) - this can be changed in the settings.

The game is won when only the 4 Aces remain on the tableau and all other cards are in the waste pile. If you run out of legal moves the game is lost.