To build up the 4 piles with 13 cards in ascending suit, wrapping from King to Ace where necessary.

The game starts with 4 piles each with a single card, these form the tableau. 13 cards dealt face-up form a reserve pile which you can choose to have expanded so you can see all the cards it contains. The 4 empty piles above the tableau are the foundations and the game begins by dealing a starting card to the first foundation.

The stock is turned to the waste 1, 2 or 3 cards at a time depending upon your chosen setting. The cards from the waste and reserve piles may be used to build up the tableau or foundations. The tableau piles are built in descending order in alternating colors. Cards on the tableau can only be moved in complete piles unless you turn this off. Usually, empty tableau spaces are automatically refilled from the reserve although this can be changed. You may deal through the stock pile 1, 3 or an unlimited number of times.

The game is won when all 4 foundations are complete. The game is lost if there are no more valid moves.