The aim of the game is to turn up all 12 piles around the clock face before the fourth King is uncovered.

The standard layout consists of 12 reserve piles placed as if around a clock face, with a 13th pile in the middle. The alternative layout uses 2 rows for the 12 piles and the Kings collected beneath.

You start with the center pile, and turn over the top card. You place the card face-up at the bottom of the pile which represents its number in the clock, with Jacks and Queens being 11 and 12, and Kings going to the center pile. For example a 6 would go at the bottom of the lower pile, and a Queen at the top. The next face-down card in that pile is then turned over and the new card placed in the appropriate pile. If the last face-down card of a pile corresponds to the hour it is on, then the top card of the next highest pile will be turned over. This continues until the end of the game.

The game ends when you turn over the fourth King. If this is the last face-down card, you have won!