In-Game Clock

You can toggle between showing the actual time, and the time on this particular puzzle, by tapping on it.

If you want to hide the clock completely (some people prefer to play untimed!) then you can choose to do that from the Settings screen (the cog icon from the title screen.)

Custom Themes

Many of the word lists have their own custom visual theme for variety! We've added an option so that you can turn these off, should you so wish!

Replay Puzzle Packs

If you've completed all of the puzzles in one of the puzzle packs, you can reset it to play them again or for someone else to play through on your device.  Tap and hold the pack icon in the 'Select A Pack' screen, and it will reset for them to all be available again.

Word Sorting

You can choose between sorting by the length of the words (smallest first), or having them sort alphabetically

Use Stamps for Daily Puzzles

With our new streams system it's possible to earn stamps in advance which are used for stream puzzles, but they can also be used (at just 5 stamps each, if you have them) for daily puzzles, so that you don't get an advert at the end. 

You can switch off this feature if you prefer to keep your stamps just for stream puzzles.