We have over a hundred puzzle themes built in to the game and our daily puzzles, but we're always looking for more!

If you have any suggestions for puzzle themes, please let us know!

What makes a good theme?

In order to make good puzzles, we need to have plenty of words that can be used.  A minimum of about 30 words of varying lengths would be just enough for a single puzzle.

However... you don't want to see exactly the same words every time, do you?

To make a good puzzle theme, it's ideal for us to have at least 100 words, so that the overlap between two puzzles isn't too much.

If we can get to 200 words, then so much the better!

Ideal words are between 5 and 10 letters long, although we can still include them up from 4 to 15 letters long.  Themes like 'Book Titles'  'Songs' and 'Band Names' really do need the longer word lengths.

Special Events

If there's a special event which you'd like us to include, please let us know! The same limitations apply in terms of words, but it's OK for there to be a slightly smaller list than we'd need for a main theme. Perhaps 50 words might be enough if it's a special event that's really on for just one day!