Solving Techniques

There are two main techniques you can use to help you solve each of the Wordoku puzzles 

1 - Looking at empty cells

Look at an empty cell in one of the areas that is quite full already. You should be able to see that it can't be any of the other letters that are already there in the row, column, and box that cell belongs to.

If you are lucky, you'll find a cell where there's only one letter remaining that it could possibly be, and you can put that letter in.

2 - Looking at areas

Look for a row, column, or box that is already quite busy, and work out which of the letters aren't already used in that area.

For each missing letters, look through each of the empty cells in that area and see if the letter could work there.

If you can find a letter which can only possibly fit in one of the spaces (because for all of the other empty cells it is blocked by the other areas it also belongs to) then you can place it in that empty cell.