Wordoku has some features built in to make it a little easier to play!

  • When you get the target word at the top, the letters at the bottom rearrange to the correct order, which can make it quite a bit easier to help with completing the grid!
  • If you've completed the grid first, you don't have to manually enter the target word - you can just tap on the first letter (which will be along one of the edges of the grid) and it will fill in the target for you!

Extra feature - Hold and Highlight!  

You can press and hold any of the letters in the selection box, and it will highlight everywhere in the grid where that letter appears. If you continue to hold, it will go on to highlight the areas that letter now blocks out - if you see any obvious gaps you may be able to place another letter right away!

If you like this feature (and enjoy Sudoku puzzles) you should try out our Astraware Sudoku game, as we developed this feature originally for Sudoku players!