Google updated their EU (and UK) user consent policy in January 2024, and now only provide ads to users in GDPR-applicable countries who consent to share certain data with them.

In order for Google to display adverts to you (and therefore allow you to play daily puzzles without a Puzzles Plus subscription), you will need to go to Privacy Settings (at the bottom of the main Settings form), and toggle the following entries to be ON (green):

Purposes Tab

  • Store and/or access information on a device
  • Use limited data to select advertising
  • Create profiles for personalised advertising*
  • Use profiles to select personalised advertising*
  • Measure advertising performance
  • Understand audiences through statistics or combinations of data from different sources
  • Develop and improve services
  • Marketing (in the Non-IAB Purposes section)

Vendors Tab

  • Google Advertising Products
  • Google Ads

Later in 2024 Google will be introducing a new type of non-personalised adverts which won't have such a long list of requirements. We'll update this document when they are available.

* If these entries are toggled OFF (grey), Google should still deliver ads, but they will be not personalised.