The world of mobile applications and devices is a fast moving place. Devices and operating systems are updated often, and their popularity changes over time. Eventually the time comes when some of them need to ride off into the sunset. With this in mind, back in December 2011 we took the decision to discontinue sales of games for the following platforms:

  • Palm OS
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Phone 5 / 6
  • BlackBerry (9 or earlier)
  • Symbian S60
  • WebOS

Palm OS, and Windows Mobile have both been retired by their respective creators and so after a few additional years down the line, we felt the time was right for us to do the same.

For BlackBerry and Symbian S60, while we kept up for some time with new devices and OS versions, we found that there wasn't enough demand for our titles on these platforms to keep up the pace of development for each new device and OS version. As our games began to support only a minority of devices available, we took the decision again that it's better to retire the products and focus on making the best games we can for platforms which are popular now, and we believe have the brightest future.

There was a brief flurry of WebOS devices which we were able to support for a while, but again the platform has all but disappeared (with not major store to support it) and so the market for these too has realistically vanished.

As it has been now a number of years since we stopped selling games for these platforms, we can no longer provide support for them, and we don't have a working system for creating the old registration codes necessary to unlock the games. 

If you do still have your original download, you can try this page with a list of IDs and corresponding registration codes which may work for you. We are unable to send out the binary files any more. 

You have our admiration for being able to keep your device working for this long!

Howard & David