If you are experiencing a problem with a game, and you've check through our Frequently Asked Questions section, please contact us and we will do our best to help!

If you are viewing this within the game itself, then there should be an option at the top-right hand corner of the screen of the main support section - a box and pen icon.

Tap that and you will be able to write a message to us from within the game.

It will automatically include information about which game, which version, and what kind of device you are using - all of which are very useful for us to help with your problem!

It will ask you for a name (so that we can address you appropriately) and also an email address which is only used so that we can contact you back directly.

Our responses should be available to you by email, or on the website (you will receive a link when the support system acknowledges your message), and also they should show up within this page on your device too.

There's the ability to attach an image too if that helps to show us a bug, a picture can save us all a lot of time!  We've written up A Quick Guide To Taking Screenshots On Your Device!

We'll try to get back to you within about a day (we usually check support a couple of times a day during the week), but as there are just two of us sometimes it can be a little longer, especially at weekends, please bear with us!

Thanks, Howard & David.