While we do our best to make sure that our games run as well as possible on a wide range of devices, and we test all of our game functions before releasing a game or update, sometimes a bug (an unexpected error) can slip through!

It's worth checking our Frequently Asked Questions are for the game first to see if there's anything already written - sometimes we will have a problem that has been reported already and we're currently working on.

If you spot anything else wrong with the game, it's very helpful if you can tell us about it so that we can look into it and try to fix if possible!

Please use the 'Submit Ticket' icon (a box with a pen icon) to tell us as much as you can!

It will already tell us what kind of device you are using, and which game and version, so you don't need to include those.

What's particularly useful is to include details of what you are expecting, what happens, and if the problem is reproducible for you (it happens all the time, some of the time, or very rarely)


If you think there's a way to improve the game, we'd love to hear about that too! We can't do everything that gets suggested, but if it's a feature that we think will improve the game for enough people, and is reasonably achievable within the limits of time and our capabilities, then we'll try to include it.

  Some of our best features have been improvements suggested by enthusiastic customers!