In a number of our games we have optional purchases available on some of the platforms to give you additional puzzles (in the case of Astraware Crosswords, Codewords, etc), additional features (like adding extra games in Astraware Casino), or in the case of some of our free downloads which have adverts built in, permanently turning off the adverts.

Each of these is accomplished using an In-App Purchase ( IAP for short! )

These are built directly into the game and work with the store where you downloaded the game, using the account details you've added into the game. Each purchase will always ask you to confirm the item and the price before it goes through!

These in-app purchases are the very best way you can support us as not only do they keep us running, but also they help us to know what's most popular in each game.

Getting my purchases back after a reset

If you've had to reset or reinstall your game, when it comes back you may find that the purchases you made are no longer there - don't worry, we've built into every game a mechanism to go and retrieve the purchase and apply it again.  

In the store screen for the app (usually a shopping basket icon) there will be a button saying "Restore Purchases", which we've tried to place at the top of the screen for most games, but sometimes may be at the bottom.  If you tap on that, it will check with the store and restore anything you've already purchased.  You will need to be logged into the store on the device though, so that it knows who you are!

It might take a little while to work, as it has to check for each item, but usually this takes less than a minute, and often only a few seconds.

If you have any problems with your in-app purchase, please also check the game specific help pages for further information, and contact us if you need help!

If you are needing help to manage your account - for instance to change the associated email address, or credit card, that is connected to your account, then that's something that is handled by the store rather than by us (the developers of the apps) as we only have access to the specifics of the game and (rightly so for your privacy) can't access your account.  You'll need to contact your store directly for those  -  here are some links to the support pages for various stores - please check the one appropriate to your device: