Selecting words and highlighting places

You can tap on any of the words in your word list and it will highlight all of the places on the grid where that word could be placed.


You can tap on a space in your grid and your word list will automatically jump to the set of words that are the right length to fit into that space.

Games in progress  

You can pause any game in progress and return back to the title screen, where you will have the option to return to any of your games in progress or to start up another new game. You can have a few games in progress as you have spare slots available, but once those are full you’ll need to complete (or delete) one to free up a slot so you can start a new game.


Deleting Games

To delete a game in progress from the title screen, tap on the X at the top right of a game. You will have the option to just delete the game, or to show you the complete solution first.

Clock and Timer

In the game screen there's a clock at the top right hand corner of the screen. You can tap this to toggle between showing the current day time, or the time spent in this puzzle so far (including any extra time for hints).

Game Options

We've added some game options available - these are at the very bottom of the About screen (Access from the '?' icon on the title page).  You might have to drag the page to be able to see them.

Current options are:

  • Switching to a mono-spaced font - this is one where each character is the same width; it makes it a bit easier to judge sizes but doesn't look quite as nice, and some people find it a bit less readable. You can pick for yourself
  • Particles on/off - this allows control over the particle 'confetti' effects that the game sometimes shows. If you don't like them, switch them off!
  • Show clock/timer - you can switch the clock and timer off completely if you don't want to see it.
  • Allow Side Scrolling From Words - this allows you to move left and right through the word lists by swishing left and right on a word. Turn this off if you only ever want to pick up words when you tap on them; you can always scroll by swiping on the edges of one of the boxes!



We love improving Kriss Kross, making the game better and improving the puzzles as we go along! If you spot any mistakes, come across words which you think are incorrect or unreasonable, or if you just have suggestions to make the game better, let us know by sending a message using the built-in help system!