The NOOK App store is closing, here‘s what we’re doing to help!

At the start of March 2016, Barnes & Noble have announced that they are closing their NOOK App store, meaning that NOOK owners can no longer buy new apps from that store, and it won’t be possible for developers (like Astraware) to submit updates to our games via that store.

 We have a solution, however!

If you have a Nook HD, HD+, or any of the NOOK branded Samsung tablets, then it will be possible for you to use the Google Play store on these devices to get the latest versions of the Astraware games, and we will be able to support these over the long term!

We’ve also been able to have our server (that usually provides the daily puzzles and update messages) to send out unlocks to you if you’ve had the NOOK Deluxe versions of any of our games, so that the Play version will unlock the same features for you, including any in-app purchases (of puzzle packs, for instance) that you may have made via the NOOK store.

Free downloads at the Google Play Store

Look for the icon below for the game you'd like to upgrade - it will link directly to the Google Play Store for that game!

The downloads for each of these games are FREE and should work on your NOOK right away!

You will need to either have or create a free Google Account to download anything from this store, but you don't need to add any credit card details to be able to download these.  ( If you do decide to buy any additional puzzle packs at a later point, you’ll need to have a Google Wallet account, which you can use for any purchases on the Google Play store. )

Just tap any of these icons to go to the page for that game, it will step you through setting up an account if you don't have one already.  You can also try out any of the other games too, even if you hadn’t already purchased a copy on your NOOK!

NOOK HD and HD+ Owners

This is a version only for Nook HD and HD+ Owners, which will avoid the new version getting overwritten by the bundled version.
It has a different icon to be more easily identifiable.

Download for NOOK HD and Nook HD+ Only  Download for NOOK HD and Nook HD+ Only

Samsung Tablet for NOOK Owners

This is our general version which will work fine on all android devices, including the Samsung Nook Tablets. 

Download for Samsung Nook Devices   Download for Samsung Nook Devices

Updated versions for all NOOK Owners

These are our general android versions and will work on 



When you install any of these, it may ask if you want to replace the existing version on your NOOK; Please answer ‘yes’ to this. 

In some cases, you will lose any existing settings that you have for the game, which might include statistics, games in progress, casino wallet balance etc. If any of these are critical to you then you don’t need to upgrade right away, but since we can’t update the NOOK versions from now on, the only way we can support with updates and fixes is via the new versions.  If you contact us via the support pages (preferably from the support built into the game itself!) we will do our best to help.

 We managed to update Astraware Solitaire on the NOOK store to version 2.12 (including support for the newest Galaxy Tab S2 device) just in time before the cutoff, and so if you had already purchased this you’ll be able to download the update at any time.  We don’t have a way to transfer this to a new device just yet, but we’ll figure out a way when we do come back for a further major update. We’ll send a message within the game itself when it’s time to do that! 


 If you have a NOOK HD or HD+ then you’ll have a bundled version of Astraware Crosswords already – it’s definitely worth you upgrading to Version 2 which will give you extra daily puzzles and more features!  Because of the way the NOOK software system works, it’s not possible to remove the bundled version (we’re sorry – it wasn’t our design on that one!), but you can hide it away on a shelf and you won’t see it anymore. 

Be sure to install this version for Nook HD/HD+, otherwise the Nook store may try to overwrite it with the original bundled version!

 Download for NOOK HD and Nook HD+ Only


NOOK Color and Tablet

Unfortunately for NOOK Color and Tablet owners, these devices don’t have the Google Play store available, and so sadly that means we can’t provide updated versions of our games, this means that owners of these devices will have the current titles fixed at the most recent version as of March. 

Thank you!

 Thanks for all of your support on the NOOK platform – it’s been a lot of fun providing games for Barnes & Noble devices, especially giving us such a great reason to extend our range of word games!  We look forward to having our NOOK fans join us with our Play versions from now on! 

 As always, if you have any problems or need any assistance, take a look at our FAQ pages, and contact us if you need to! 

 Howard & David, Astraware.