Sometimes we use promotion codes, either as part of competitions or giveaways, or as one of the ways we might help to fix a customer support issue.

If we send a Google promotion code, it will look like a sequence of letters and numbers, like this : V5G3V0B27U5BMA7CWLMCV5E

TIP : if you have the code send to you in an email on your android device, tap and hold it to select the code, then tap copy (which will either be underneath the item, or an option at the top of the screen.)  This will copy it to the clipboard for you and save you time switching later!

First: Find the Google Play Store icon in your apps list

It will look like this:

Tap it to run the Google Play Store app.  

The App store will show different items each day, but it will likely have a layout that looks like this:


Second : Select the MENU icon (three horizontal bars)


This will pop down the list of menu options for you.

Third : Select the Redeem item

This will now give you an area to enter your code;  

type it in to this box, or if you already saved it into your clipboard, paste it here.

If you get the code wrong, or it's an invalid code:

It will tell you if the code is invalid.  Usually this is because you mistyped or missed out a character. Pay particular attention to characters and numbers which look similar ( 5 and S,  1 and I, for instance. )

If we've sent you a code quite some time earlier, it might have expired, so don't wait too long to make use of it!    Also, each code can only be used once, so if it's already been used you can't use it again.

Last : Install the game!

The Play store will tell you which game or item the code is for, and that it will be a free item for you (as well as showing you the usual price.)  Tap the 'install' button , and it will begin the install process for you.

That's it!

We hope you found this useful!  Enjoy your game!

-- Howard ;