How does Kriss Kross decide what to do when I tap on a word?

Kriss Kross (from version 2 and on) tries to be helpful, and when you move one of the words it does its best to work out whether you want to pick up the word to place it into the grid, or whether you'd prefer to sweep left or right to look through the lists of available words.

It does this by seeing which way you move once you've tapped on the word.

If you drag upwards, it picks up the word for you.

If you sweep left or right, it will move the word lists for you.

You can also move the word lists by dragging the edges or empty space on any of the boxes.

If you drag diagonally, it will take a best decision based on the angle - usually it will only drag the box to the side if you stay within about 10º of horizontal. 

If you find that you're sometimes dragging the box by accident, try to start your movement with a bit more "up" to begin with and that'll detach the word for you.

But I still don't like it!

If you find the game really isn't making the best choices for you, you can turn the side-sweeping off entirely in the game options.  You'll still be able to move the boxes by dragging from an empty space or an edge, but words will now always detach for you to place when you tap on them.

The about screen is available from the title screen - tap the '?' icon at the bottom of the screen, then scroll down the page, the game settings options are at the bottom of the oage.


This makes it react just like our earlier versions of the game.